About Us

Our company has been established in 1953 in the City of Rize and the first hotel management, boutique tea and short-bread house in 1953 at Rize and our company started to prepare and produce bakery and pastry products in  1985 at Ankara that after 2002, the company started to develop and improve the cafe and food &beverage (pasta, cake, ice-cream etc.) business in Istanbul and Bursa Region.  The company offers the high-quality and reliable products in accordance with the demands of customers in line with the developing food industry and competitive environment while giving priority to human and environmental health.

By giving as much importance to the health of our customers as our own health and from the procure of raw materials to the delivery of our products to our customers, we focus on food hygiene and safety regulation in all of our activities.

Our aim, mission, vision and values to identify our company with high-quality and safety, to provide production technology and product quality based on respect to human health, to apply legislation and hygiene rules in our business activities, to improve the qualifications of our workforce and we aim to be an ever-growing, developing and permanent company in the markets where competition always exist.

Justice, respect, openness and honesty are our main principles in any circumstances.